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Sogol Mirzaei (tar), Saghar Khadem (tombak), Vahideh Eisaei (qanun). 〉 Booking 

Duo Chakam
Sogol Mirzaei (tar, setar), Saghar Khadem (tombak) 〉 Booking 


To say these women can play would be the most colossal of understatements. ... The audience was alternately rapt and bopping. Gauged by the spontaneous audience appreciation, the performance of the Chakam Ensemble was the most popular of those that I witnessed. Fair enough too.
Benjamin Woods, dailyreview.com.au, January 23, 2018

Sogol Mirzaei, Vahideh Eisaei and Saghar Khadem illuminate the essence of Iran’s traditional art music. Chakam, feminine harmony of virtuosic strings and an intoxicating percussion, in the eye of a spirited and youthful friendship.


Their performances are built according to the rules of the subtle art of radif, where intense rhythmical moments answer profound melodious tirades, where intimate and modern improvisations join authentic ancient Persian compositions. The listener, by the vibrations of the luth and zither entwined, is immersed into the delights of a delicate contemplation. Yet his heart tirelessly blooms again carried by the solar percussions. Within this sincere harmony opens a window on a singular musical universe, intimate yet majestic.


Chakam was born in 2014, celebrating a long-lasting friendship between its three musicians who live separately between France, the Netherlands and Australia. Reunited through music, they have already presented their art in front of ravished audiences in France and Switzerland, genuine ambassadors of the wonderful Iranian culture. Lately, they performed as a trio in Lyon and Paris, in Lausanne, Switzerland, opening act for the great artist Kayhan Kalhor and then for full-house audience on campus, as well as in Geneva as part of the « Persian Notes » festival in March 2017. In January 2018, the trio toured Australia, giving concerts in Hobart as part of the Mona Foma festival, in Adelaide as well as in Melbourne.

Mona Foma Festival, Hobart (Australia), 01.2018

Inland Concert Series, Melbourne (Australia), 01.2018

Forum RLC, Lausanne (Switzerland), 03.2017

« چکام - Tchakām (Persian) : a lyrical poem, preceding the ghazal »

Alhambra, Geneva (Switzerland), 03.2017

Sogol Mirzaei

Sogol Mirzaei ~ tar

Vahideh Eisaei ~ qanun

Saghar Khadem ~ tombak


http://www.sogol.art Sogol enthralls lovers of music and the radif, the classical art music of Iran, which she interprets with profound sensuality. She followed musical guidance at Tehran’s National Conservatory on the lute tar under master Hooshang Zarif and master Arshad Tahmasebi, before pursuing with ethnomusicology at University of Sorbonne, Paris. A specialist of tar playing styles, she also perfected her mastery of setar there with Reza Ghasemi. In Iran, she performed with many ensemble in the most prestigious venues (Vahdat opera, Niavaran palace, Fadjr festival…), while she now focuses on a remarkable soloist adventure in Europe, founding Chakam in 2014.

Vahideh grew up in an artistic family full of love for music and poetry. She was thus naturally brought to complete musical studies in Tehran, and achieved a Master of Music at the University of Western Australia. Through different ensembles performing in Europe, Australia and the Middle East, Vahideh has been presenting for more than a decade the round and delicate tones of qanun ; an instrument seldom heard in Persian music, to which she gave a distinct Persian mood. Besides, she has been conducting research on music with children, leading her passionate work to the blossoming of musical aptitudes from a young age.

Saghar embraced the subtle art of the Iranian chalice drum being at a very young age, learning from her great grand-mother, before attending the classes of Tehran’s National Conservatory and then Sweden’s Göteborg Music Academy. She was then acclaimed in 2006 as one of the best musicians of her generation at Tehran’s great Fadjr Arts Festival, for playing tombak, and the frame drums dayereh and daf. She gave since then a lot of performances across the world, especially noted for her collaborations with celebrated Persian singers and musicians from very diverse musical backgrounds.



Composition by Sogol Mirzaei in mode Nava. Recorded live on air at the Swiss radio 13.03.17


Composition by P. Meshkatian in mode Nava. Recorded live at L’Alhambra de Genève in front of 400 people 17.03.17


Solos with qanun and tar. Recorded live at L’Alhambra de Genève in front of 400 people 17.03.17

Listen to the radio broadcast Paradiso on the Swiss radiostation La Première, 13.03.2017

Listen to the concert broadcasted on the Swiss radiostation Espace 2 La note bleue, 25.09.2016

Duo Chakam

Prior to Chakam was the duet founded in 2014 by Sogol Mirzaei and Saghar Khadem, to let the art they received sing out loud, following pure Persian tradition. Under the grace of their dancing fingers, the true essence of radif emerges in their creation, as the rose perfumes the alleys of gardens where Lovers surrender.


From melodious inspirations to intricate rhythmical pieces, an invitation to join them in a sensual, delicately woven encounter with the fabulous East. Sogol reveals yet another side of her sensibility, around the soft sonority of the setar.


One musician living in Paris, the other in Amsterdam, they can easily meet and perform in various events across Europe.

« ساربان - Sārebān (Persian) : cameleer, caravaneer »



Mathieu, to be found somewhere in between the Swiss Tech Institute of Lausanne and some distant daydreamed Orient.

Concerts in Lausanne/Switzerland happen here Amdathtra musiques du monde.